Our Values

We, as Meteksan Defence Industry, Inc., undertake and declare, as our values guiding and inspiring us in our activities;

  • To minimize international dependence of our Turkish Armed Forces and security authorities and thus to serve for national dominance and independence of our country;
  • To adopt all kinds of contribution to education as a duty in the light of science and reality as a security for our future generations;
  • That respect for the environment and human is indispensable to create a sustainable world;
  • To act within the limits of equity and merit in all our initiatives;
  • To be bound to the laws and universal ethical rules all the time and under all conditions;
  • Give trust and trust others in cooperation;
  • To offer the most positive contribution to our domestic and foreign stakeholders;
  • Develop ourselves in professional and personal terms continuously;
  • To act with the desire of achieving the best and excellence work in our activity.