We are developing high technology products for the defense and security


Meteksan Defence Industry Inc. was established in 2006 in order to combine and coordinate the projects and activities of the high technology companies operating within the body of Bilkent Holding for the defense industry on a single roof.

The establishment purpose of our company is to develop and produce independent and unique high-tech products and subsystems for the Turkish Armed Forces and other security forces in line with the vision of The Presidency of Defense Industries. The systems and subsystems we produce are used for command control, communication, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes; they take part on many platforms, especially for surface and underwater platforms, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile systems.

As a Bilkent Holding Group Company, all the resources obtained by Meteksan Defence are allocated to Bilkent University in order to have more students taught with scholarships and to receive education in the most modern way.


Meteksan Defence designs military radar solutions based on the Radio Frequency (RF) based technologies with unique technologies and offers them to its customers. The capabilities we have gained in the field of radar technologies, which have been studied since the foundation of our company, have provided the design and test infrastructure in addition to acquisition of the system components in this field.

In the field of laser and electro-optic technologies, we are working on high beam quality fiber laser sources, high power laser transmitter structures and sensitive laser / electro-optic detection techniques.

System solutions, that meet the line of sight (LOS) and beyond the line of sight (BLOS) point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and network-based communication needs, developed by our company, are used on land, air, sea and missile platforms and shows high performance in the challenging environmental conditions.


Meteksan Defence, appointed with the approach of the "Underwater Acoustics Excellence Center of Turkey" in the field of underwater acoustic systems, adds significant value to the naval platforms with the advanced technology underwater acoustic sonar systems developed.

Our company also develops training simulators as a high-tech product with the highest level of real world simulation for the training needs of the surface ships, submarine and air platforms and terrestrial facility personnel of the Naval Forces.


The products, produced by Meteksan Defence, take part on many platforms of Turkey such as ships, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, submarines and missile systems.

Since 2006, Meteksan Defence has been developing and manufacturing unique and high-tech systems for the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement forces in the focus areas with the deep competence gained by it. In addition, by exporting the systems we have developed to the friendly and allied countries, we contribute to international cooperation and economic development. Our company, which attaches importance to synergy in its sector by keeping the university-industry cooperation at the highest level with its qualified staff, continues its activities with the mission of being the most reliable company in its field.