Qualified Supplier Program

Within the scope of the Qualified Supplier Program, we target a long-term cooperation in terms of the goods and services we supply, we build a business partnership that leads to a "partnership of destiny" in our projects. For this purpose, we adapt our suppliers to our own corporate structure and invest in our business partner for sustainability.


The mission of the Defense Industry Directorate (SSB), which also undertakes the quality of our defense industry's regulatory institution, is "Managing the industrialization, technology and supply programs that will sustain the development of our country's defense and security capabilities."

The documents such as strategic plans, technology management strategy, defense industry sectoral strategy document published by SSB regulate the point of view of the contractors operating in this sector for industrialization, what to do and their objectives. As Meteksan Defence, as a company of the defense industry that designs, develops and produces systems and subsystems for platform integrators, we also undertake this mission and continue our industrialization efforts.

At Meteksan Defence, managers and employees at all levels know that growing in quantity is the biggest obstacle in creating a sustainable and competitive structure in today's economy. We prefer to grow in quality instead, and we prefer to outsource the appropriate works under the titles of supply management, subcontractor management and outsourcing.

Within this framework, the Qualified Supplier Program (KTP) is a plan that we target a long-term cooperation in terms of goods and services we supply, we fictionalize a business partnership that reaches a “partnership of destiny” in our projects, we have adapted to our corporate structure for this purpose and thus we invest in our business partner for sustainability. We will be happy to work with you within the framework of the matters we have identified in this guideline, to create value together in this sector and to serve for the national defense industry mission together.

We encourage you to participate in the Meteksan Defence - Qualified Supplier Program, and we expect your questions and applications.