World’s #1 in Damage Control Simulators: DCSIM

Meteksan Defence’s Damage Control Simulator (DCSIM) has been winning almost all open tenders in recent years around the world and has become the Number 1 system in its class.

As we all may appreciate, working conditions at sea are inherently dangerous. Eliminating all the risks of sea is unfeasible; however, the actions of a well-trained crew can lead to survival during an emergency at sea. Preparation, as well as knowledge is vital for survival.

Naval Damage Control capability is a particular point to preserve the integrity, stability and manoeuvrability of vessels as part of sea-readiness. The main goal of damage control is to keep the ship floating, moving and fulfilling her mission. To achieve these goals, damage must be quickly confined and repaired. The key to enable these skills is a realistic training environment for the crew to develop and conduct realistic damage control exercises. Consistent and realistic training produces an optimal level of readiness that prepares members of repair parties to react more efficiently and effectively to actual damages.

Meteksan Defence’s Damage Control Simulator (DCSIM) provides a realistic training environment to develop and conduct damage control exercises to shipboard personnel and also damage control readiness in the internationally recognized commercial and naval standards. DCSIM can be used to train the personnel with a duty in the sailing units as individuals and teams in the issues related to injury protection; to increase their affinity; to develop and strengthen their skills and experiences; to try damage repair intervention methods in various situations and to try and test the damage control materials to be supplied to the Naval Forces Command. DCSIM provides instructors with the means to train naval personnel in the control, fighting and repair of real shipboard damages.

As our DCSIM has unique features that are increasing the effectiveness of the training, operational efficiency and maintainability, it has been selected by 4 different country's naval forces and became the world’s top brand in damage control simulators.

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