We Carry our Sonar Experience to the Future with YAKAMOS 2020

YAKAMOS 2020 is the new version of the YAKAMOS sonar that was developed and produced as part of Turkish Navy’s MİLGEM project and that is currently serving commendably all over the world’s blue waters as the sonar aboard ADA-Class Corvettes. YAKAMOS 2020 takes the YAKAMOS product family to the future, keeping pace with technological advances and evolving threats.

YAKAMOS Sonar is currently serving to great effect aboard the TCG HEYBELİADA (F-511), TCG BÜYÜKADA (F-512) and TCG BURGAZADA (F-513) corvettes of the Turkish Navy. YAKAMOS 2020 will see the addition of many technological and architectural innovations to its predecessor, while maintaining the field experience, proven algorithms and interfaces to which many sonar operators have become accustomed to YAKAMOS. As a more compact, competent and modular system with an easily configurable software and hardware architecture, YAKAMOS 2020 was developed as a system that will be readily adaptable to evolving technologies as well as changing acoustic environments, and that will surpass its rivals in the global market through its superior capabilities. Owing to the enhanced efficiency of its power modules, the system is capable of operation for longer periods, while the updates to its sensor architecture enable it to detect potential threats over much greater ranges.

Selçuk Alparslan, President of Meteksan Defence, emphasizes that YAKAMOS 2020 represents the pinnacle attained by Turkey in the field of underwater acoustics: “As Turkey’s centre of excellence for underwater acoustics, we developed YAKAMOS 2020 taking into account user needs, evolving threats, technological advances and the outcomes of our own R&D studies. YAKAMOS 2020 is not a system that emerged suddenly out of the blue. YAKAMOS, which we treat like a living system, has been constantly improved upon ever since the start of our industrialisation efforts and every new capability that we have added to the sonar has been implemented on the versions already integrated aboard ships. YAKAMOS 2020 can be likened to a system that brings together all of these previous works. This process also shows that, in the event of YAKAMOS 2020 being selected for I-Class Frigates, it will be a constantly evolving system, following in the footsteps of YAKAMOS.”

Another important development was selection of YAKAMOS Sonar for MİLGEM Corvettes, which will be added to Pakistan Navy’s inventory. YAKAMOS thus demonstrated its success as a competitive product at an international arena. Selçuk Alparslan stressed the importance of this development from the standpoint of Pakistan, a friendly and allied nation: “This project will supply highly competent sonar to the Pakistan Navy. Moreover, as part of technology transfer obligations, we will be building a very close cooperation with Pakistan Defence and Aerospace Industry. We are constantly improving YAKAMOS, and the sonars we will deliver to Pakistan shall be the most up-to-date, harbouring all of the mentioned improvements. With the delivery of YAKAMOS, we will forge yet another long-term and added-value generating cooperation with Pakistan. We are eagerly looking forward to that day.”