Turkish Navy’s Advanced Electronic Warfare Training System: PELIKAN

PELIKAN is a naval Electronic Warfare (EW) test and evaluation system designed to measure the effectiveness of electronic warfare techniques applied by ships, such as ESM, ECM, RF chaffs/decoys, etc. The system provides realistic Anti-Ship Missile (ASM) seeker radar simulations to evaluate the operation of RF chaffs/decoys and other EW systems; and provides a cost-effective in-house test, training, and validation capability.

ASMs are guided missiles that are designed to be used against ships and large boats. Most ASMs are of the sea skimming type, and many use a combination of inertial guidance and active radar homing. As the missile technology is evolving rapidly, Naval Forces should have capable electronic warfare systems on-board for missile threats. However, the question is; “As a naval officer, how can I be sure that my ship has the right electronic warfare systems regarding RF guided anti-ship missile threats?”

With PELIKAN, naval forces can simulate a number of different RF guided ASM types by varying parameters such as frequency, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency, gate size, pulse modulation, polarization, and detection criteria. PELIKAN is a system built around a mobile shelter. System control is provided by consoles inside the shelter, which enable operators to configure different seeker parameters.

PELIKAN can accurately emulate the behaviour of a specific ASM’s RF seeker so that the system appears to be a real example of the missile in question from the target’s (ship’s) perspective. In addition, PELIKAN also reacts to electronic warfare countermeasures that are carried out by the target ship, as the real missile does. Once the emulated attack commences, real-time information is available regarding the emulated missile’s behaviour so that live evaluation of the effectiveness of the countermeasures employed by the target ship can be assessed. In addition, PELIKAN records all relevant data to enable further analysis to be undertaken once simulation phase of the trial is complete. PELIKAN is largely autonomous in terms of its operation.Once programmed and started, it operates exactly as the intended missile’s RF seeker would.

The system was indigenously designed and produced by Meteksan Defence and has been operational in the Turkish Navy since 2017.

Please send your questions to sales@meteksan.com for more information about PELIKAN.