The New Product of Meteksan Defence: Multi-Channel Acoustic Test Unit (ATU)

Meteksan Defence announced its new product Multi-Channel Acoustic Test Unit (ATU) in 2022. ATU is an acoustic test and simulation device to test the front-end electronic units that collect analog data of hydrophone arrays. It is a cost-effective solution to test sonar systems. There are multiple hydrophone arrays which are very hard to test because of their high number. ATU enables to test of all hydrophone analog inputs end-to-end whenever it is needed.  It has access to 96 separate channels which enables the system to test all the channels.

ATU tests front electronics, digital connections, functional units, console software and algorithms together. It tests whole sonar front electronics. Also, it has a built-in-test (BIT) feature. ATU simulates wet end, tests dry end. ATU is a test, simulation, training and development device for all submarines and vessels which have sonar systems.

ATU has three modes. First mode is that Manual Mode; every channel which is wanted to be tested should be selected separately and manually. ATU is used as a test device in manual mode. Secondly, Simulation Mode; a nonexistent atmosphere is created. Necessary parameters such as vessel, torpedo and their numbers are entered and a nonexistent atmosphere is simulated. ATU is used for training and test purposes in simulation mode. Simulation mode makes ATU unrivaled. Thirdly, Emulation Mode; it is the recreation of an experienced event. The front electronic unit can record data. This recorded data is taken and transforms into ATU’s laptop, in this way it is possible to reach recorded data. ATU is used for both training and developing purposes with that recorded data in emulation mode.

The installation process of ATU is simple. ATU is placed next to the front-end electronics. The cables of hydrophones are taken out and then the cables of ATU are taken into the front-end electronics. ATU will gain time to test the front-end electronic units and ensures a cost-effective solution to test sonar systems.