Retinar PTR-X Perimeter Surveillance Radar was Integrated to Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Meteksan Defence integrated its Retinar PTR-X Perimeter Surveillance Radar on the Unmanned Ground Vehicle and new system was displayed for the first time at the International Military Radar and Border Security Summit between 5 and 6 October 2021. Meteksan Defence executives emphasized that it is a first time for Turkey to integrate a radar system to a unmanned ground vehicle and such a system can be used as a mobile outpost to inform soldiers before entering dangerous areas.

PTR-X is a radar provides environmental awareness through field domination. It automatically detects and tracks moving targets such as people, animals and vehicles in large areas. PTR-X has less error rate than other observation methods such as camera or binocular with its feature of selectable scanning at different speeds and all mobility in the zone is kept under control at any time. It gives an audible and visual warning to the user for threats detected within friendly and alarm zones that can be easily identified.