Retinar PTR-X Perimeter Surveillance Radar is Operational at Antalya Airport

In 2018, Retinar PTR-X was selected for the perimeter security of Antalya Airport, for which Havelsan Teknoloji Radar (HTR) established the integrated security system as the prime contractor in a project tendered by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority. Retinar PTR-X radars have been installed at various locations to ensure the perimeter security of the airport, and have succesfully passed all acceptance tests. This represents a first for the Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars, having been commissioned as perimeter security radar at an airport in Turkey, after already being installed at an airport in Europe.

Designed for border and perimeter security, and customised for human detection and identification, Retinar PTR-X is a medium-range perimeter surveillance radar that can be used fixed or mounted on a vehicle, and which stands out with its optional modes, and with various angular rotation speeds of 2-16 rpm. Retinar PTR-X, which makes use of state-of-the-art radar technologies, can automatically detect and track moving targets, including people, animals and vehicles, over large areas and can automatically direct the integrated cameras toward such targets.