Navigation Electronic Warfare (EW) System (SEYMEN) Project to Ensure that Many Important Threats Are Jammed and Deceived

Navigation Electronic Warfare (EW) System (SEYMEN) Project signed between Presidency of Defence Industries, Turkey and Meteksan Defence Industry Inc during IDEF 2021 Exhibition.  Senior officials from the Presidency of Defence Industries and Meteksan Defence Industry Inc. attended the signing ceremony held within the scope of IDEF'21 International Defence Industry Fair on 19.08.2021.

Navigation Electronic Warfare (EW) System (SEYMEN) to be developed within the scope of the project signed, it is aimed to apply Electronic Attack (EA) to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), helicopters, aircrafts, weapons, guided missiles, missiles, command control systems and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) used in land, air and sea platforms. In this way, it will be ensured that these systems that may contain threats are both jammed and smartly deceived and removed from friendly forces.  

SEYMEN offers a solution in which radar, electro-optic and electronic warfare elements can work together on a single shelter integrated on a military tactical vehicle. SEYMEN will be able to jam and deceive navigational systems, which can be in the same/different directions and having various types of GPS, at the same time. In addition, more than one system will be able to perform coordinated tasks. In addition, the system will have the capability of recording and analysing the GPS signals.