MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar Enables UAV Platforms to Operate even Over-the-Cloud

MILSAR is a synthetic aperture (SAR) and moving target indicator (MTI) radar system developed by Meteksan Defence. Radars having these two capabilities are indispensable sensors of ISR platforms because of the fact that they could produce high-resolution imagery of stationary targets and position, speed and direction information of moving targets where EO sensors are ineffective in adverse weathers. MTI feature comes up when the movements of vehicles on the ground, navigating warships’ positions and routes at sea or enemy aircraft flying around in the air are important to be monitored.

One of the top features belonging to MILSAR is easy to integrate and easy to install feature for a wide spectrum of UAVs from tactical level (such as Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA of Turkish Armed Forces) to strategic level (such as AKINCI and AKSUNGUR). Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, and innovative architectural advantages, MILSAR has competitive SWaP characteristics.

MILSAR which is tested on a MALE-class UAV in 2021 is expected to be operational on Turkish UAV platforms with its weight less than 30kg, its high resolution imaging capability from stand-off ranges, its easy-to-integrate feature.