Meteksan Defence’s YAKAMOS Sonar to Serve Aboard Pakistan’s MİLGEM-Class Ships

ASFAT Inc. and Meteksan Defence signed a contract for the Hull Mounted Sonar System within the scope of the Pakistan MİLGEM Project on 31 July 2019.

The YAKAMOS Hull Mounted Sonar System, which has been successfully serving as the sonar aboard the ADA-class corvettes built under the MİLGEM Project, will also serve as the sonar system of the four corvettes to be built for the Pakistan Navy Corvette Project. YAKAMOS is used aboard surface platforms such as corvettes and frigates for the detection and tracking of submarines, torpedoes, and other underwater targets and threats. The system is among the most important sensors aboard the Turkish Navy’s MILGEM-class antisubmarine warfare (ASW) corvettes. With the signing of this contract, Turkey is set to become one of the few countries exporting ASW corvette sonars.

 All critical parts containing advanced technologies, and including ceramics at the lowest level, have been indigenously designed and locally produced by Meteksan Defence. The system has been designed to detect and track such targets as submarines, torpedoes. The system listens, in passive mode, to the noise emitted by the target, and can calculate automatically in active mode the direction of and distance to targets using echoes reflected from the targets. The system can also be used to detect mines and similar objects during transit mode.