Meteksan Defence Ready to Meet Perimeter Security Requirements of Asian Countries with Retinar PTR

Retinar PTR, developed by Meteksan Defence, was among the remarkable solutions displayed during Defence & Security 2019 exhibition held in Bangkok on 18–21 November.

The Retinar product family has to date been selected by five end users in three different countries for different military and civil perimeter security purposes. The system was demonstrated to the participants of the Defence & Security 2019 exhibition that it was able to meet also the challenging requirements of Asian countries. The Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radar family has been used successfully in the field to ensure border surveillance and the protection of critical bases and facilities, and continues to attract the attention of various requesting authorities and end users. The last stop where the Retinar product family met with existing and potential users was the Defence & Security 2019 exhibition. Meteksan Defence displayed a green combat color version of Retinar PTR that would suit the camouflage requirements of the region. Among the visitors to the Meteksan Defence stand at the exhibition were officials from the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Thailand, as well as delegations from Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Malaysia, all of whom were able to see Retinar PTR up close and receive information about the product. Retinar PTR is already in use for border security purposes in an Asian country. Accordingly, Retinar PTR has already demonstrated its ability to carry out perimeter security missions specific to the geographical and special conditions of the region.

Selçuk Alparslan, President of Meteksan Defence, commented on the attention Retinar PTR drew from visitors during the Defence & Security 2019 exhibition in Bangkok: “Our Retinar product family satisfies the different requirements of various end users in different countries, where it can be used in roles ranging from border security to the security of critical facilities. Before undertaking these tasks, our radars competed successfully in tenders that were open to international competition. Of course, this history and operational mission experience carry the Retinar product family to a unique position. When the officials visiting our stand hear about this experience and see the radar itself, they understand that the Retinar product family is one of the systems they need for their security requirements. We observed this considerable interest once again during this exhibition. In the defence sector, projects and tenders take a certain amount of time. However, I am certain that we will receive new orders from Asian countries for the Retinar product family soon.”