Meteksan Defence Delivers MSH-01 Hydrophones Developed for AY- and PREVEZE-Class Submarines

Meteksan Defence has delivered the MSH-01 Hydrophones, which are used as sensors of the sonars onboard AY- and PREVEZE-Class Submarines, to TurkishNaval Forces Command. The MSH-01 Hydrophone, designed andproduced by Meteksan Defence, is usedas a sensor in the Cylindrical Hydrophone Array (CHA) and Passive Ranging Sonar (PRS), which constitutes the wet side of the

Passive Sonar (PS) of AY- and PREVEZEClass Submarines. The main features of the hydrophone developed by Meteksan Defence with its own R&D resources are as follows:

  • 360° Omni Broadband Usage

  • Water Resistance to Depths of 400 Metres

  • Detection of Signals Between 1 Hz and 100 kHz Frequency Range

  • Usage in the Frequency Range of 100 Hz to 12 kHZ

  • Operating Temperature between +2 °C and +35 °C