KAPAN Counter Drone System Provides Complete Protection Against Mini/Micro UAV Threats

Radar Systems stand out as the most effective solution for detecting drones that have become an up-to-date and asymmetric threat in critical facility and border security applications. Moving from this point, Meteksan Defence developed the KAPAN Counter Drone System using its own resources and launched it in 2018. At IDEF 2021, KAPAN Drone Defence System is on the scene with its new subsystems and command control software that raise its performance much higher.

The Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar, which is included in the KAPAN Counter Drone System, is the result of the detailed development activities of Meteksan Defence and the challenging field tests performed with the user. This version of Retinar has a new antenna customized for precise detection of mini/micro UAVs, high-performance hardware and special algorithms supported by artificial intelligence technologies.

Thanks to its new structure, Retinar FAR-AD, which can detect air targets from a longer range and scan a wider area at a glance, makes KAPAN a more advanced counter drone system. Apart from the Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar, the camera system for the classification and tracking of the drones detected and the jammer system for the neutralization of the drones are also included in KAPAN.

Besides all these subsystems, KAPAN Counter Drone System exhibited with the new developed Command Control Software for the first time at IDEF 2021. KAPAN Command Control Software, which collects information from all sensors and produces a common aerial picture, is shown as one of the most innovative command control software developed in the world with its artificial intelligence-supported algorithms, 3-dimensional interface, open, scalable and modular architecture.