Helicopter Obstacle Detection System is coming to an End

With the completion of the Active Helicopter Obstacle Detection System (HETS) design phase, we continue our works with full effort to complete the platform integration and flight tests in the first half of 2021 in coordination with the 5th Main Maintenance Factory Directorate and the Army Aviation Command.

We have signed the fiber laser-based Active Helicopter Obstacle Detection System Project contract in 2019 with the Turkish Republic Presidency of Defense Industries to improve the aircraft navigation safety in low-altitude flight conditions, especially helicopter platforms.

As Meteksan Defense, we continue to work on sensor design, signal processing hardware and embedded software required by LIDAR systems, together with our high level of competence in laser production operating in different bands, high efficiency, high beam quality, different power ranges and different modulation types. By combining these competencies with the Active HETS Project, we are implementing a system that enables to deliver the warnings to pilots against collisions with the wire/obstacle, which has an important place in the crash of helicopters.

With completion of the system which will has low power consumption and low weight, and can be integrated into different platforms, especially existing and new generation general purpose helicopters, the LIDAR/LADAR infrastructure that can be used in a wide variety of applications shall also be achieved.