Meteksan Defence Offers Advanced Technology Simulator Systems for Firefighting Training

Meteksan Defence, the first choice of many countries for the supply of damage control simulators, is offering its Firefighting Training Simulator product family in the field of platform simulators to the interest of end users. The FTSIM Firefighting Training Simulator and H-FTSIM Helicopter Firefighting Training Simulator, which have been operating in the service of Turkish Naval Forces Command (TNFC) since 2016, as well as the M-FTSIM Mobile Firefighting Training Simulator, as the latest member of the product family, provide the most effective solutions to end users who attach importance to firefighting training and who seek to reduce the consequences of fires. 

Unlike many other training courses, firefighting training is an activity that cannot be carried out on the relevant platform or in the location or workplace, and this can have considerable consequences. A simulator built to specifically for the provision of firefighting training is the most appropriate solution for this training.

Firefighting Training Simulators:

  • provide a realistic training environment that mimics locations on platforms and in facilities and workplaces;
  • provide training opportunities to ensure preparedness for real fire situations through the creation of fire scenarios with different flame heights and spread properties;
  • allow the development of firefighting techniques, taking safety into account.

Meteksan Defence has developed its Firefighting Training Simulator product family to create realistic scenarios in firefighting training, allowing the delivery of the optimum training to the personnel who will fight fires. This product family, comprising the FTSIM Firefighting Training Simulator, the H-FTSIM Helicopter Firefighting Training Simulator and the M-FTSIM Mobile Firefighting Training Simulator, offers a number of significant advantages over firefighting training solutions that make use of simpler methods and tools: 

  • Physical Conditions: The location simulations provided by firefighting training simulators increase the movement and intervention capabilities of the personnel in the relevant location, and ensures their readiness at the highest level. Furthermore, since the simulators are enclosed space systems, training courses can be conducted in all weather conditions. The physical conditions within the simulators allow instructors to keep their trainees under control during training. Environmental factors such as smoke, sound and light can be simulated to increase the realism of the training environment.
  • Allowing Simultaneous Training Sessions: In firefighting training simulators, training can be delivered to up to six separate teams or groups at the same time in different environmental conditions (darkness, smoke, sound, etc.).
  • Diversity of Training: In firefighting training simulators, scenarios incorporating the following aspects can be prepared prior to training: the burning sequence in locations; the spread of smoke to the environment; the transportation of injured personnel to the treatment area; whether to use simulations of automatic extinguishing systems (such as FM200); whether flaring or similar effects will be experienced during the fire; whether the fire will remain confined to one location or spread to side, lower or upper combustion zones (for example, from the engine room to the distribution switchboard room, or from the kitchen to the sleeping quarters); and if the fire spreads to another location, when, how quickly and under what conditions it will spread. Such aspects are uploaded onto the system, and when the scheduled time comes, the system can automatically activate them.
  • Opportunity to Evaluate Training: Fire training simulators allow a complete and objective evaluation, provided either by the system or by the training staff. When required, training courses delivered in the simulator can be repeated with the exact same conditions, supporting further evaluations.

Safety is Priority

The fire training simulators of Meteksan Defence use propane gas, and the safe operation of the system is ensured by gas and heat sensors. If the pre-defined gas concentration and temperature limit values are exceeded, the system terminates the training automatically.

Meteksan Defence’s Ambitions at an International Level

Meteksan Defence’s Firefighting Training Simulators are the most up-to-date solutions in their field. Having been developed more recently than their competitors around the world, this product family features the most up-to-date technologies, and is in full compliance with modern design standards. All of these features ensure that the product family remains one step ahead of its competitors, who are obliged to keep up with technology and new standards.

Another advantage offered by Meteksan Defence is its ability to provide turnkey solutions to its users. The knowledge and experience of the company allows it to offer bespoke solutions that cover all phases of the lifecycle, from construction to the operation of the simulators. Accordingly, the company can satisfy, both in country and abroad, the integrated logistics support needs of its users regarding the operation of the delivered facilities, the delivery of training courses in such facilities, the provision of maintenance and repair services for the facility and simulators, as well as obsolescence management and modernisation.