Career at
Meteksan Defence

Employment of candidates, whose behavior model matches up with the corporate culture and values of Meteksan Defence, is our top priority. We follow both the technical skills and personal development of the talents joining our company with our defined processes and systems, and their performance with an understanding of continuous development and support them with trainings.


In Meteksan Defence, Performance Management System is applied in two different areas for employees at all levels.

Corporate Performance

The annual financial goals of the company are determined in line with the annual financial, calendar and completion targets of the projects that enable us to achieve these goals. Our employees, who take part in these projects, have high performance in parallel with the objectives and scope of the project.

Personal Performance

All employees of the company are evaluated in line with the competence tests of the staff and the targets set annually. The aspects that are open to development are determined in annual performance assessments and planned in the training programs of Human Resources.

Meteksan Defence applies a performance-based competitive remuneration system. Our Human Resources Directorate runs the Career Management function that supports this as well as Performance Management by following the developing methods.


In successful organizations, talent management, which is called the selection of the right staff, then training, development and making the best use of them, has become one of the most important functions of human resources management today.

In Meteksan Defence Talent Management,

  • Manages this process with performance and career management system outputs,
  • Supports with assessment center studies,
  • Makes it sustainable with training opportunities,
  • First, discovers talent and potential,
  • Afterwards, creates areas of development and adds the talent as a value to the company through its coaching and mentoring practices.