Social Responsibility

As Meteksan Defence, we aim at realizing projects and organizations providing benefit to the society, creating solution for the community’s problems with the common participation of all our employees. We include contribution in improvement of the life in our country with an approach considering comprehensive, environmental and social events in all our social responsibility projects that we implement in our responsibilities.

Defend Your Water

We aim to create and increase awareness about water scarcity with our "Defend Your Water" project, which was initiated in order to prevent future generations from facing the danger of water scarcity by minimizing unnecessary clean water usage in the company, create a water management model and organizing conferences to teach our employees and their families.

My Books for Journey to Hope

In parallel with Bilkent Group's mission to contribute to education; with the motivation given to us by creating resources that will enable Bilkent University to sustain its existence, we carry out social responsibility projects in order to help the future of students and create equality of opportunity before the university age.

With our project, which we started out with the slogan “My Books for Journey to Hope”, we aim to ensure that children studying at village schools can reach new books by establishing new libraries in schools.

Earthquake Volunteers

With our Earthquake Volunteers project created with the contributions of Meteksan Defence employees, we provide the necessary assistances in the areas needed after disasters in coordination with the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (AFAD) and ensure that required aid materials are delivered to the required regions.