Quality Managament

Our quality management system, based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, includes customer expectations and satisfaction at all stages for delivery and warranty period to the customer at the offer stage.


Meteksan Defence has a systematic and dynamic Quality Management System, certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate, covering the procedures and processes in line with the relevant standards in its field, efficiency of which is constantly monitored and improved, in order to meet the customer expectations and satisfaction from the project proposal stage to the end of the warranty stage and maintain the corporate structure and sustainability in line with the Quality Policy.


- Perform system / software / hardware development, realization, production and logistics support activities in the fields of Radar Systems, Communication Systems, Acoustic, Optical and Simulation Systems in a complete and timely manner to meet the needs and expectations of our customers,
- Fulfill the applicable conditions (legislation , contract / orders, our Quality Management System), monitor / measure achievement of annual targets to evaluate the achievement of our Quality Management System goals,
- Ensure the training and continuous development of our employees,
- Continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management system and ensure that it is compliant with the conditions.